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Estate Law

Every one of us is faced with the same reality - some day we all will die.  As the saying goes, it is as sure as "death and taxes."  But we are also guaranteed that at some point we will need medical care, and all of us have loved ones who will need medical care.  And while these things are certain, we do not know the timing or the details of the future.  


What we do know is that each of these things -  illness, incapacity, and death - all have legal implications for us and our families and loved ones.  We can help you plan for things in your future which are certain, and reduce the stress to you and those you love that results from the unknown and poor planning.  

Of course, sometimes, we are put in a position to care for a loved one who is ill, dying, or who has passed away.  This can be difficult, even without the stress that comes with working through the legal issues that accompany illness and death. When this happens, it helps to have a partner to guide you through the process or help sort though a difficult situation.  

Our Services
  • Wills

  • Trusts

  • Powers of Attorney

  • Advanced Health Care Directives [Living Wills]

  • Special Needs Planning

  • Probate & Administration

  • Asset Protection Planning

  • Probate Litigation

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